Meet Ava

Generation Wild follows the story of Ava

Ava is just like any other osprey until the day she lands in a mysterious giant nest and the most magical transformation takes place. Ava takes on an extraordinary form: part bird and part girl. From that moment on, her life will never be the same…

Imagine going on a school trip and stumbling across an enormous nest. This is where you meet Ava, an amazing girl with wings and feathery feet, who wants to be your friend. She needs your help to discover who she is and what she needs to do.

The animals may be able to help and Ava gives you a “translatorphone” that she has made, so you can listen to what the creatures are saying. Through nature activities, you show the animals that you really care about them and the natural world. Only then do they reveal their secrets.

You watch Ava take to the skies and begin her long journey to find her family and discover the Guardians of the Wild, a great council of creatures that look after nature.

You follow her on her journey via an interactive website and carry out nature activities in your school grounds, gardens and local green spaces. Will Ava finally be reunited with her family? Will she fulfil her destiny and discover the Guardians of the Wild? Most importantly, will you do enough to prove that you are worthy of becoming a Guardian too? Of course, it’s a great honour, but with honour comes responsibility…

Join us for Generation Wild: Ava’s Destiny and help Ava to discover her true identity, return home and unlock some of nature’s wildest secrets along the way.