About the project

Generation Wild will connect 45,000 children and their families with nature, creating a generation that will carry forward a life-long love of the natural world.

About us

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust is the UK’s leading wetland conservation charity. We are one of the leading providers of outdoor learning, bringing the curriculum to life whilst connecting young people with nature.

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Why was the project developed?

Evidence shows that connecting with nature makes children feel happier, increases their self-esteem and improves their behaviour as well as their physical and mental health.

Children from disadvantaged communities often have fewer opportunities to connect with nature. Through Generation Wild, we will work with schools, children and families in these communities to inspire the next generation of nature lovers.

A small boy feeding a duck

What do we mean by connecting with nature?

Connecting with nature involves more than simply spending time in natural environments. In order to gain maximum benefit, people need to interact directly with the environment and wildlife around them.

All of the activities in Generation Wild are designed to connect people with nature through five pathways: senses, emotion, compassion, meaning and beauty.

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It all starts with a story…

Nature connection can be enhanced through arts-based activities. We have worked with a creative partner called Stand and Stare to develop an extraordinary story, based on a central character, Ava, who is part girl, part Osprey.

Empowering teachers and families

We realise that if we are to reconnect children with nature, we can’t act alone. We can provide the initial spark for this process but it is children’s teachers and families who are ultimately able to facilitate a long-term connection with the natural world. Generation Wild supports teachers and family members as they start children on their journey towards a life-long love of nature.